Psychometric testing introduces proven scientific methodology inro the selection process. Unfortunately, it is too

often used incorrectly or ineffectively. For instance, aptitude tests only account for about 15% of job performance,

so should never be used iniyitially to screen applicants out. Similarly, personality tests profiles should only be interpreted

against key competencies and behavioural strategies. Effective use of psychometrics in the selection process requires:


A) Clear identification of key behaviours and competencies using job analysis;

B) Appropriate choice of test which assess idenified behaviours and competencies

C) Addministration and interpretation of tests by trained (BPS)  test users;


We provide the industry-standard (BPS) training in psychometric testing so that you can take ownership of the testing process and ensure it is oriented to your business goals. Alternately, we can screen your applicants for you.

Our promise to you is to ensure you get the best people.